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650/655 Fractional Valves

Small, Yet Flexible
650/655 Fractional Valves
650 and 655 Fractional Valves


Alfa Laval’s Tri-Clover® brand range of fractional valves has been designed for applications requiring a secure, sanitary or sterile environment within the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or biotechnology processing industries. The self-draining ports and ease of operation make the Tri-Clover® brand fractional valves ideal for processes where an uncompromising sanitary environment is demanded. The many design options enable the processor to match the valve to the specific application.

Working principle

The valve is operated by means of a pneumatic actuator or manual hand operator.

Standard Design

Alfa Laval’s Tri-Clover® brand Fractional Valve is available as a relief, sample, check, air-actuated, manual shut-off or divert valve. Our fractional valves have a sanitary design which incorporates a polished ID and self-draining ports. This helps to minimize the threat of contamination and avoid product entrapment. Our fractional valves have a unique design that calls for minimal number of components and quick-couple Tri-Clamp® body connections which are easy and fast to take down and reassemble. There is a wide selection of body styles and seat materials. The shut-off and relief are available either as a tee or cross body. Other design features include: corrosion resistant type 316L stainless steel stem, bonnet and valve body construction.

Series 650/655 Valve Actuators and Manual Operators

Actuator Air Supply Specifications

  • - Air pressure range is 50-60 PSI (3.5-4.1 BAR)
  • - Air-volume required at 50 PSI
    Normally Closed 1¾ cu. in.
    Normally Open 2¾ cu. in.
  • - Effective operating area is 2.19 sq. inches
  • - Filtered air and a pressure regulator are required
  • - Lubricated air is not required

Type 10 Actuator

(Air to Close - Spring to Open) Used when a “normally open” valve is required.

Tube OD Size Product Line Pressure (PSI) actuator will close against at ambient temperature
½" (12.7 mm) ¾" (19 mm)
50 PSI (3.5 bar)195 PSI (13.4 bar)195 PSI (13.4 bar)

Type 20 Actuator

(Air to Open - Spring to Close) Used when a “normally closed” valve is required for fail-safe operation. In the event of air failure, spring automatically closes the valve.

Tube OD Size Product Line Pressure (PSI) actuator will close against at ambient temperature
½" (12.7 mm)150 PSI (10.3 bar)

Type 30 Actuator

(Air to Open - Air to Close)
For applications requiring air both ways. No spring is used in the actuator.

Type 40 Manual Operator

  • - Standard handle is a durable UHMW polyethylene handle
  • - Aluminum bronze handle also available for temperatures above 150°F (66°C) or Pressures above 150 PSI (10 BAR)

Type R40 Relief Handle for 650 Valve

  • - UHMW polyethylene handle with relief spring
  • - ½" valve - 12-80 PSI
  • - ¾" valve - 6-60 PSI

Series 650/655 Dimensions

Air Actuated Valve
650-10M-Actuator (tee body)
650-30M-Actuator (cross body)
Manual Shut-Off Valve
650-10M-40 (tee body)
650-30M-40 (cross body)
(See page 4 / Cv Factor Chart)
 Relief Valve
650-10M-R40 (tee body)
650-30M-R40 (cross body)

Series 650 Shut-Off

Head Loss Curve

 Head Loss Curve  
 Model 650 Manual/Shut-Off Valve 
 — — ¾ inch (19 mm)— ½ inch (12.7 mm) 

650 Series Plug and Seat Design

Series 650 Manual and Air Actuated Valves are available in two seat styles:

The Lip Seal
Our patented, economical one-piece plug has no o-rings to replace. Available in fluorelastomer* for temperatures up to 250°F (121°C), or PTFE for temperatures up to 120°F (49°C), or where fluorelastomer is incompatible with the product.
O-Ring Seal

*Fluorelastomer and PTFE lip seal not recommended for use in cross body valves (30M). Use only PTFE Plug with O-ring in type 30M valves.

Alfa Laval Fractional Valves carry U.S. Patent Number 4,570,665.

CV Factors for manual and shut-off valves
% Valve Stroke ½" (12.7 mm) ¾" (19 mm)

Series 655 Divert Valve


655 Series Plug and Seat Design

Series 655 Air-Actuated Valves are available with a bonded elastomer plug.

<>*Fluorelastomer and PTFE lip seal not recommended for use in cross body valves (30M). Use only PTFE Plug with O-ring in type 30M valves.
Molded Seat  
Standard material is fluorelastomer for temperatures up to 250°F (121°C). Other materials available.

Note:All elastomers used in Alfa Laval Fractional Valves are compounded to FDA standards.

Head Loss Curve

 Head Loss Curve  
 Model 655 Air-Actuated Valve 
 — — ¾ inch (19 mm)— ½ inch (12.7 mm) 

Body Styles Available:

  • - Shut-off
  • - Divert
  • - Relief
  • - Sample
  • - Check

Port Connection Sizes:

  • - ½" (12.7 mm) tube OD
  • - ¾" (19 mm) tube OD

Connection Type:

  • - Tri-Clamp®

Materials of Construction:

Valve body stainless steel 316L Standard
Bonnetstainless steel 316L Standard
Stemstainless steel 316L Standard

General Service Ranges:

Fractional sizes valves are nominally rated up to 100 PSI (6.9 BAR) at 250°F (121°C) or 230 PSI (15.8 BAR) at 72°F (22°C). Refer to section on Plug and Seat Design for further detail. Contact Alfa Laval if higher pressure or temperature ratings are called for.



  • - Handle style/material
  • - Actuator style


Please state the following when ordering:

  • - Valve size and style
  • - Actuator or manual operator type
  • - Seat Type: Fluorelastomer, EPDM, Buna or PTFE; Lip Seal or O-Ring
  • - Ball or plug/spring (check valve)

Dimensions for 660 and C45 Valves

C45 Check Valve (3A version)  660 Sample Valve (3A version)
Check Valve
C45MP (Ball Check)
C45MPS (Plug/Spring Check)
 Sample Valve
  • - ½" (12.7 mm) or ¾" (19 mm) sizes with Tri-Clamp® end connections
  • - Available with a 316 stainless steel ball (vertical installation only) or with PTFE plug and spring.
  • - Relief pressure:
    ¾" size 1.5 PSI (0.1 bar)
    ½" size 3 PSI (0.2 bar)
  • - Manual valves furnished with durable UHMW polyethylene handle.
  • - Optional bronze handle available for pressures above 150 PSI (10 BAR) or temperatures 150°F (66°C).
  • - 660-10 has ½" Tri-Clamp® by ¼" hose barb (pictured above). or 660-10M has ½" Tri-Clamp® by ½" Tri-Clamp® connections (not pictured).



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