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Alfa Laval Series 8000 3A Spray Ball

For All Your 3A Sanitary Needs
Alfa Laval Series 8000 3A Spray Ball

These static spray devices are designed to be an intergral part of your cleaning program. Designed to meet rigid 3A sanitary requirements, these spray devices also allow for quick accessibility during inspection. The devices can be used at either high or low solution flows and pressures allowing for decreased costs in relation to water, energy, chemical and effluent charges.


Designed for cleaning complex processing tanks, kettles and various tanks. Products can be utillzed, dependent upon drill pattern, in vapor lines, evaporators, or similar vessels.
Special drill patterns available upon request.

Spray Patterns


Spray balls are offered with the following connection types:
Slip Joint, Butt Weld and Tri-Clamp. The standard Slip Joint pin is the twist clip. Hairpin clips and locking pin clips are also available. Spray balls can be ordered with directionally drilled holes to provide spray coverage to ports or objects inside of vessels. These are most common where Riboflavin tests are necessary.

Here are additional options to consider:

  • - Smaller or larger hole diameters available
  • - Direct drilling
  • - Circular drilling


Spray devices and accessories are offered with standard finish of 32 Ra. Devices are also available in 30, 15 and 12 Ra.
Heat tracing and eletropolishing are also available.


Available Materials

  • - AISI 304L
  • - AISI 316L
  • - Hastelloy
  • - Inconel
  • - PFTE
  • - Rubber

Recommended Pressure

25 psi (1.7 bar)

Wetting Radius

10 ft (3 m)


  • - Slip Joint
  • - Butt Weld
  • - Clamp

Ordering Information

Please specify:

  • - Desired spray pattern
  • - Required connection
  • - Connection type
  • - Clip style
  • - Finish, if different from standard

Dimensions (in)

 Slip jointWeldClamp 

Spray Ball Clips

Spray balls with a slip joint connection come with a twist clip as standard.
Locking pins and e-clips can be shipped separately at an additional cost.
In terms of operation, the twist clip is one handed and the new e-clip is two handed which offers a more secure connection.

Twist ClipE-clipsLocking Pin



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