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AlfaNova 400

Fusion Plate Heat Exchanger
AlfaNova 400

General information

AlfaNova is plate heat exchanger made of 100% stainless steel. It is based on Alfa Laval’s new revolutionary technology, AlfaFusion, the art of joining stainless steel components together. AlfaNova heat exchangers are well suited in applications which put high demand on cleanliness, applications where ammonia is used or applications where copper or nickel contamination is not accepted. Its high resistance to corrosion makes it both hygienic and environmental friendly. It is extremely compact compared to its capacity to withstand great strains in demanding heat transfer applications.


  • - Evaporators
  • - Economizers
  • - Absorption systems
  • - Process cooling/heating

Working principles

The heating surface consists of thin corrugated metal plates stacked on top of each other. Channels are formed between the plates and corner ports are arranged so that the two media flow through alternate channels, normally in counter- current flow. The media are kept in the unit by a bonded seal around the edge of the plates. The contact points of the plates are also bonded to withstand the pressure of the media handled.

Standard design

The plate pack is covered by cover plates. Connections are located in the front or rear cover plate. The channel plates are corrugated to improve heat transfer design.

Particulars required for quotation

To enable Alfa Laval’s representative to make a specific quotation, enquiries should be accompanied by the following particulars:


  • - flow rates or heat load required
  • - temperature program
  • - physical properties of liquids in question
  • - desired working pressure
  • - maximum permitted pressure drop

Flow principle of an AlfaNova plate heat exchanger

AlfaNova 400 – CE approval pressure/temperature graph

AlfaNova 400 HP – CE approval pressure/temperature graph

Examples of connections

Tounge & Groove flange Water flange
Tube for welding

Standard data

<>*) Water at 5 m/s (16.4 ft/s) (connection velocity)
Min. working temperature-196°C (-321°F)
Max. working temperature+550°C (+1022°F)
Min. working pressureVacuum
Max. working pressuresee graph
Volume per channel, litres/ga0.74 (0.20)
Max. flowrate *)170 m³/h (748 GPM)

Standard materials

Cover platesStainless steel
ConnectionsStainless steel
PlatesStainless steel
AlfaFusion filterStainless steel

Standard dimensions

A = 14 + n x 2.65 / (0.55 + n x 0.1)
Weight (approx.) kg: 44 + n x 1.5 / (Weight lb: 97 + n x 3.3)
(n = number of plates)
Measurements in mm (inch)



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