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C.O.P. Parts Washer

Sani-Matic COP Immersion Parts Washers provide more consistent and faster cleaning than manual methods. “Clean-Out-of-Place” washers re-circulate detergent solution to efficiently clean piping, hoses and a wide variety of loose machine parts. Baskets are used to reduce handling and eliminate parts damage. Sani-Matic’s exclusive sanitary design side-jets and end-jets create turbulence and impact which effectively removes residue from all surfaces of the parts. A wide variety of models, options, and custom fixtures allow the COP tanks to be designed specifically for each plant’s operation.

COP Features

  • Solution reuse
  • Safe and efficient cleaning
  • Side-jet and/or end-jet flow patterns
  • Standard models or custom designs
  • Heavy-duty, all stainless construction


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Dual COmpartment COP CIP
Dual Side Jets
FIller Washer

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