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Fittings from Alfa Laval - Tri-Clover

In all forms and shapes
Fittings from Alfa Laval - Tri-Clover


Alfa Laval is your complete source for specialized fittings and tubing required in food, dairy, beverage, personal care, biotechnology and pharmaceutical process applications. Smooth, crevice-free interiors and secure, self-aligning joints are characteristic of Alfa Laval Fittings. Each offers superior corrosion resistance and unmatched service life. Alfa Laval fittings are designed and manufactured to ensure dimensional accuracy and structural integrity, making them easy to install. Tri-Clover Tri-Clamp® and Tri-Weld® Fittings are part of Alfa Laval’s product line. Tubing is manufactured to Alfa Laval’s stringent specifications, making it a perfect match for the Weld Fittings. Choose from a complete range of tube sizes, surface finishes and connection options. All BPE items are individually capped and bagged in clear 6 mil. Poly bags. All product is labeled with a bar code, product information and manufacturing date. This provides the optimum identification and ensures that the product arrives to the job site in a clean orbital weld condition.

BioPharm Fittings

Alfa Laval is proud to present their line of Fittings designed for use in the Pharmaceutical and Bio-Technologies Industries. This line consists of Tri-Clover parts with either Tri-Weld® ends suitable for use with Orbital Welding Equipment or self-aligning Tri-Clamp® end connections. Alfa Laval offers a full line of BioPharm Fittings that are manufactured in compliance with the current ASME BPE Standard.

All BPE items are individually capped and bagged in clear 6 mil. Poly bags. All product is labeled with a bar code, product information and manufacturing date. This provides the optimum identification and ensures that the product arrives to the job site in a clean orbital weld condition.

Technical Data

Wide Range of Surface Finish offering - Alfa Laval offers a range of Mechanical Polish as well as Electropolish finishes. Mechanical polishing is achieved by using a progressive series of abrasives, from low to high grit. This allows a consistent internal finish and both optimal and economical cleaning. Electropolishing is a further process that promotes a chromium-enriched surface layer that maximizes corrosion resistance as well as minimizing bacterial buildup on surface cavities.

Metallurgy - Incoming raw material goes through a stringent inspection process to ensure its chemistry will be ideal for both weldability and electropolishing

Quality Control Methods - Our manufacturing facilities operate under an approved ISO 9001 quality standard. Wall thickness integrity is maintained through the use of fabrication grade minimum wall tubing for all cold-formed tubular products. Our BPE fittings are designed for use with all current orbital welding equipment. After cold forming, our tube product is resized to ensure that the ovality falls within the prescribed BPE tolerances. End facing is provided with a machined square-cut method. This allows for the most accurate and consistent orbital weld result. All fittings are put through 100% visual inspection and ovality and squareness tolerances are inspected with calibrated equipment. Surface finish is inspected with a calibrated profilometer to ensure the Roughness average (Ra) maximum is not exceeded.

Sanitary fittings identified with this symbol on the following pages are accepted as meeting the 3A sanitary standards by the appropriate committees of the International Association of Milk, Food and Environmental Sanitarians, U.S. Public Health Service, and Dairy Industry Committee.

Finish code ID or Product Contact Surface OD or Product Non-contact Surface
Maximum Surface Roughness (Ra) Polishing Method
ASME BPEFinish Code
#1   UnpolishedUnpolished
#7320.8-----Mechanical polishedPolished to Ra, 32 µ-inch/0.8 µm
PD150.4SFF4Mechanical polished and electropolishedUnpolished
PM150.4SFF4Mechanical polished and electropolishedPolished to Ra, 32 µ-inch/0.8 µm

Service Rating of Tri-Clamp® Connections

Service Ratings* (PSI)
Size Tube OD ½ & ¾ inch 1 & 1½ inch 2 inch 2½ inch 3 inch 4 inch 6 inch
13MHLA (Screw tightened to maximum)  
at 70°F--150150150150100--
at 250°F -- 125 125 125 125 75 --
13MHHM (Wing nut tightened to 25 in. lb. of torque)  
at 70°F--500450400350300150
at 250°F -- 300 300 200 195 150 75
13MHHS (Wing nut tightened to 25 in. lb. of torque)  
at 70°F2200600550450350300--
at 250°F 1200 300 275 225 175 150 --
13MHP (Bolts tightened to 20 ft. lb. of torque)  
at 70°F--1500100010001000800300
at 250°F -- 1200 800 800 800 600 200
A13MO (1-3" nuts tightened to 20 in. lb., 4" to 30 in. lb.)  
at 70°F--50035030020010075
at 250°F -- 250 200 150 100 100 50
A13MHM (Wing nut tightened to 25 in. lb. of torque)  
at 70°F--500450400350300150
at 250°F--30025020017515075
<><>* Service ratings are based on hydrostatic tests using standard-molded Buna-N material gaskets, with proper installation of ferrules, assembly of joints and absence of shock pressure.  Contact Tri-Clover for service of other type and material gaskets, and for ratings at higher temperatures. 
All ratings shown are dependent upon related components within the systems and proper installation.  For temperatures above 250° F, we recommend using only 13MHP clamps.  This information is only valid if Tri-Clover clamps, ferrules, and gaskets are used.

Tri-Clamp® Gasket Materials

Characteristic Buna-N (U) EPDM (E) Fluoro- elastomer (SFY) Silicone (X) PTFE (G)
Original Physical Properties
Hardness, Shore A70707070---
Tensile Strength, psi1875165012121340---
Elongation, % 340 317 272 260 ---
Temperature Range
 -65 to 200° F-60 to 300° F-20 to 350° F-40 to 400° F-40 to 200° F *
Acid ResistanceGoodGood to Excel.Good to Excel.Poor to GoodGood to Excel.
Alkali ResistanceFair to GoodGood to Excel.Poor to GoodPoor to FairExcellent
Resistance to Fats/OilsGood to Excel.PoorGood to Excel.Poor to GoodExcellent
Abrasion ResistanceExcellentGoodGood to Excel.PoorFair
Compression Set ResistanceGoodFairGood to Excel.Good to Excel.Cold Flows
<><>* Note: PTFE materials tendency to "cold flow" and incompressibility, limit its max. temperature to 200° F due to possible leaking problems.

Basic Dimensions of Tri-Clamp ®

Connection for Sanitary OD-Tubing
OD Outer Diameter (Inches) ID Inner Diameter (Inches) Wall Thickness (Inches/Gauge) A Ferrule Face (Inches)
½0.370.065 / 16 ga.0.984
10.870.065 / 16 ga.1.984
21.870.065 / 16 ga.2.516
32.870.065 / 16 ga.3.579

Sanitary Tube Information

Tube OD Tube ID Wall Thickness Volume Weight Dry Weight with Water Flow (GPM) at a Mean Velocity
Inches Inches Inches Gal/100 ft Lbs/100 ft Lbs/100 ft 5 fps 7 fps 10 fps

Technical Information

Pipe Schedule and Chemical Composition

Schedule 5 Pipe
Size OD Inches ID Inches Wall Thickness
Chemical Composition %
  304 316L
<><>* The sulfur content for 316L ASME BPE fittings is 0.005-0.017% for all weld ends.

Material Test Reports (MTRs)

Easy Online Access to Comprehensive Fittings Information

A 5-alpha character serial ID is stenciled on to each new 316SS fitting

As one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced reports in the market, our new Material Test Reports (MTRs) provide detailed information that takes traceability and validation to a new level. Alfa Laval has established a new standard as all MTRs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online at www.alfalaval.us.

Simply type a 5-alpha character code (e.g. AAABC) called the serial ID, which you can find stenciled on each new 316SS fitting, to access the following information:

  • - All heat certification numbers used to manufacture the fitting
  • - Date the fitting was manufactured
  • - The fitting’s part number and description
  • - View and print any MTR and the above information

This web site will even allow you to print the MTR or original heat certification from the raw material supplier. If you do not know the actual number, MTRs can be searched by either MTR serial ID or heat certification number.

Go to www.alfalaval.us and follow these simple steps to access MTRs:

Step 1. Once at our website, click on the MTR link
Step 2. On the MTR page, click "View Material Test Reports
Step 3. Enter or search for the Serial ID

Connection Types

Clamp Fittings


A connection is made up of a plain ferrule, a clamp, and a gasket. Tees, elbows and reducers are available with Tri-Clamp connections. All three styles are in compliance with 3A standards for C.I.P. (clean in place). The three types of clamp fittings are designed for use in Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.

  • - Tri-Clamp connections are the industry standard, having nueter-style ferrules to simplify design and installation.
  • - H-Line and HDI-Line male/female ferrules self-align during tightening so joints are quick and easy to assemble or take apart.
  • - H-Line uses the same series of clamps as the Tri-Clamp.

Threaded Fittings


Bevel SeatJohn PerryDC

A connection is made up of a plain ferrules, a threaded ferrule, a nut and a gasket. The faces on Bevel Seat fittings are angled to create a metal to metal sealing surface. A John Perry fitting consistes of a flat-faced threaded ferrule, a flat-faced plain ferrule and a profiled gasket. These joints are particularly useful with swing connections and flow diverter panels. A DC fitting utilizes the Bevel Seat plain ferrule and a threaded ferrule with a grooved face to retain a gasket. The three types of threaded fittings are designed for use in the Food, Dairy, and Beverage processing industries. Bevel Seat Joints are in compliance with 3A standards for manual cleaning. Both John Perry and DC fittings are in compliance with 3A standards for C.I.P. (clean-in-place).

  • - Bevel Seat
  • - John Perry
  • - DC

Loss of head pressure due to friction. Loss is shown in feet of head. Loss through tubing is for 1ft.of tube

Capacity O.D.   1" O.D.   1½" O.D.   2" O.D.   2½" O.D.   3" O.D.   4"
in U.S. I.D   0.902" I.D.   1.402" I.D.   1.870" I.D.   2.370" I.D.   2.870" I.D.   3.834"
G.P.M. Tubing Elbow Tee Tubing Elbow Tee Tubing Elbow Tee Tubing Elbow Tee Tubing Elbow Tee Tubing Elbow Tee
5 0.0350.0250.25                    
15 0.0130.020.15           



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