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GHVB Vacuum Breaker Valve

The First CIP’able Vacuum Breaker
GHVB Vacuum Breaker Valve
GHVB Valve


The GHVB air operated vacuum breaker is used to eliminate vacuum on the down stream side of the pasteurizer in an HTST system.

GHVB is truly CIPable - it needs only one air connection for CIP control.

Working principle

The GHVB working principle is similar to a ball check valve principle. When pipelines are pressurized, the internal ball is forced upward, closing the port (see fig. 2a).

When internal pressure drops, the ball is drawn down, allowing air to enter and relieve the vacuum (see fig. 2b). CIP pressure forces the ball upwards to close the port.

Therefore an on/off air operated actuator is used (pulsing) to force the ball downwards, allowing the internal part to be CIP. CIP is discharged through the air intake (see fig. 2c).

Standard design

The GHVB vacuum breaker consists of a body which is clamped together with a base. Both have clamp connections for pipeline connection and air intake/CIP discharge. An aircylinder is fitted on the body. The air cylinder is connected to a plunger which opens the vacuum breaker (ball) during CIP. The ball is seated inside the base.

Fig. 2. Working Principle
a. Pressure in pipelines b. Vacuum in pipelines c. CIP

Technical data



Maximum product pressure 145 PSI
Minimum product pressure Full vacuum.
Temperature range 14° F to 194° F
Maximum air pressure 100 PSI
Minimum air pressure 40 PSI




Product wetted steel parts: AISI 316L
Product wetted seals EPDM
Ball Polypropylene
Finish: ≤32 RA
Body AISI 304/Aluminium
Finish Semibright


    Material Grades

  • - Seals of Nitrile (NBR) or Fluorinated rubber (FPM)


Please state the following when ordering:

  • - GHVB
  • - Options


Compressed air:

1/8" NPT (used only to pulse valve during CIP)

Dimensions (inches)

Fig. 3. Dimensions
Size 1.5-inch
F 0.81
E 1.95
A 8.75
C 3.12



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