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Industrial Refrigeration

RWF For Large Capacity High Stage or Booster Service

RWF sets a new standard for compressor design and maintenance. It features our state-of-the-art Quantum control panel, variable volume ration control and infinite capacity control from 100% to 10% of full load, and a "next generation" plate-and-shell oil cooler. Compressor to low-noise motor connection is a simple D-flange setup. No oil pump is necessary to start and operate the RWF which also incorporates a factory-mounted starter. RWF supports ammonia, halocarbon, and hydrocarbon refrigerants in a variety of applications.

RWB II Plus For Larger Capacity High Stage or Booster Service

RWB II Plus features state-of-the-art microprocessor control that improves unit efficiency, reliability, versatility, and requires minimum maintenance. Variable volume ration control and infinite capacity control from 100% to 10% of full load permit peak efficiency at varying operating conditions and loads. For use with ammonia, halocarbon, and hydrocarbon refrigerants. Thirteen models, with nominal R-717 capacities from 125 TR to 2000 TR.

RFX For Smaller Capacities

Screw compressor efficiency and reliability in the smaller capacity range. Microprocessor controller for high-stage service. C-flange motor mounting eliminates the need for field coupling alignment. Infinite capacity control from 100% to 25% of full load. Automatic three-stage volume ration control. For use with ammonia or halocarbon refrigerants. Eleven models with nominal R-717 capacities from 25 TR to 170 TR.

Unit-Mounted Solid State Starter

Using the latest in solid-state starter technology and mounting it directly to the screw compressor provides many benefits: lower installation costs, extended motor life, less mounting space, improved system integrity (wired and tested in controlled factory environment), superior motor protection, and a main circuit breaker disconnect which provides immediate shutdown protection at the compressor.

Air Units

FRICK heavy-duty, reliable heat transfer packages meet the demands of continuous operation at all temperature levels. From the smallest unit coolers to the largest rooftop freezer systems or hygienic air-handling products, we offer the industry's greatest breadth of pre-engineered products. This gives you great design flexibility in geometry, fan selection, and construction materials.

Custom engineering capabilities and application-oriented features such as Clean Coil™ constriction ensure an air unit that is a perfect match to your requirements.

Frick PRR - Packaged Refrigerant Recirculation Units

Protect compressors from liquid entrainment and liquid slugging while distributing refrigerant to evaporators. Adaptable to varying refrigerant pump sizes and designs. Frick manufactures eight vessel diameters from 20" to 60". Nominal R-717 capacities from 33 to 1,113 TR. R-22 also available.


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