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Keofitt Aseptic Sampling Valve

Don’t Gamble with your Sample
Keofitt Aseptic Sampling Valve
Keofitt Aseptic Sampling Valve.

Working principle

The Keofitt Aseptic Sampling Valve is designed for sterilization before and after each sampling.

Open valve: Sampling

The manual valve is opened by rotating the handle (adjustable valve) or by activating the lever (on/off valve). The stem and the membrane are then retracted, allowing liquid to pass.

Closed valve: Sterilizing

Using the reverse procedure the built-in spring closes the valve, keeping the channel between the hose pieces open for sterilization. If using steam a small pressure relief valve (optional) on the outlet is recommended.

Standard Design

The Keofitt Aseptic Sampling valve consists of three parts, a valve body, a valve head and a membrane. The rubber membrane is placed on the stem of the valve head and works as a stretchable plug. The valve bodies and valve heads are interchangeable.

The valve is available in two sizes:

  • - M4 valve for low viscosity products like water, beer, wine and liquid milk.
  • - W9 for high viscosity products like fruit yoghurt, syrup and ice cream.
  • W9 valve is available with micro ports, to enable sampling by hyperdermic needle.

Valve bodies:

Type T: Tank (welding).
Type P: Pipe (welding).
Type C: Clamp.
Type S: Socket (threaded).

Valve heads:

Type H: Turning handle.
Type K: Removable key.
Type Q: Quick lever.
Type N: Manually and pneumatically operated.
Type B: Turning handle (for pressure up to 12 bar).
The valve is authorized to use the 3A symbol.

a. Open valve, Sampling.
b. Closed valve, Sterilizing.Fig. 1. Principle.

Dimensions (mm)

* only for DIN
Pos. M4 W9
  mm inch mm inch
A 70 2.76" 90 3.54"
C 5 0.2" 8 0.31"
D (Pipe) *25 *0.98" *25 *0.98"
D (Socket) M28x1.5 M1.1"x0.06" M28x1.5 M1.1"x0.06"


Valve body: Stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4404).
Valve head: Stainless steel 301, 303, 316L,PEHD/black, PTFE.
Membrane: Silicone rubber.EPDM rubber.PTFE

Technical data


Max. working pressure:

Max. working pressure 87 psi (6 bar).
M4 Type B: 174 psi (12 bar)
W9 Type B: 218 psi (15 bar)


Temperature range: 33.8°F - 266°F.
Max. sterilization temperature,
dry steam 29 psi (2 bar) 249.8°C

Steam must be dry, since condensate will damage the membrane. It is recommended that the membrane be changed every 100 samples/sterilizations or depending on working conditions or experience.

Valve Viscosity
M4 0-100 cP
W15 0-50000 cP


  • - Key ring for valve head, type K.
  • - Valve head for pneumatic and manual operation, type N ("A" dimension increases).
  • - Valve head, type B (blocking) without spring, to be used if risk of pressure shocks (handle is white).
  • - For various accessories please see Ordering Leaflet.


Please state the following when ordering:

  • - Please state the following when ordering:
  • - Valve size, M4 or W9.
  • - Type of valve body.
  • - Type of valve head.
  • - Accessories.
  • - Other options.

Fig. 2. Dimensions. Fig. 3. Valve bodies and valve heads (interchangeable).
Valve bodies: Valve heads:
Type T: Tank (welding) Type B: Turning handle
Type P: Pipe (welding) Type Q: Quick lever
Type C: Clamp Type N: Pneumatic and manual
Type S: Socket (threaded) Type H: Turning handle



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