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Mainstream® Filter/Strainer

Increase Your Capacity for Filtration
Mainstream® Filter/Strainer
Mainstream® Filter with optional stand


Available in long and short models, Mainstream® filters and strainers with side-entry ports provide versatile, cost-effective, basket-style filtration. Designed for maximum application flexibility, the Mainstream housing accepts a wide range of filtration and strainer media. For strainer applications, the unit can be fitted with a variety of different baskets. When used as a filter, the Mainstream® unit incorporates a perforated stainless steel basket designed to hold disposable filter bags. Fine filtration can be achieved down to 0.5 micron. They are ideal for use in the dairy, food, beverage, meat and poultry, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Working principle

With their large surface area, Mainstream® filters and strainers combine high flow rates, low pressure drop, and simple cleanup and servicing. High capacity and long filter cycles mean Mainstream® filters and strainers need significantly less servicing — all particles are contained inside the basket (or bag) for quick, easy disposal. The Mainstream® housing stays in the processing line; only the basket is removed during change-over. The end result for you is more efficient separation, faster throughput, and reduced media change over due to the larger surface area of the Mainstream®.

Standard Design

The Mainstream® filters and strainers are designed to promote product quality and sanitation. It also features a free-flow design; stainless steel construction for sanitation and corrosion-resistance; compatibility with a variety of filtering media; and fast, easy servicing. The standard pressure relief cover for safe operation includes manual valve and drain elbow assembly. Two model sizes are available to accommodate a wide range of capacities. The inside-out flow prevents basket damage and, the unique handle with lock design for positive O-ring sealing prevents bypass and improves efficiency (US Patent No 4,775,469).

Curve is based on water*. Max. flows for LONG and SHORT units shown. Curve is typical for listed micron ratings.
Filter Pressure Drop Curves / Mainstream Filters Model 1 and 2
Curve is based on water*. Max. flows for LONG and SHORT units shown. Curve is typical for all size meshes.
Strainer Pressure Drop Curves / Mainstream Strainers Model 1 and 2

* Contact AL for higher flows and non-water application recommendations.

Mainstream Filter and Strainer Dimensions
Model Inlet / OutletDiameter Dimensions for Tri-Clamp®
Model 1 (Short) 2" 511/16 353/8 19 ¼ 8 27¼
11/16 3/8
4" 65/16 353/8 20¼ 8 28¼
11/16 3/8
3" 511/16 513/8 35¾ 8 43¾
5/16 3/8

Effective filter area

Short 1.7 ft.2
Long 3.8 ft.2

Note: Mainstream filter/strainer stand optional. Order separately.

Filter Media (for SEF Filter)
Product Compatibility and Temperature
Media Code Fiber Maximum Temperature Product Compatibility and Temperature
Inorganic Acid Organic Acid Alkali Vegetable Oils Organic Solvents
C (Standard) Cotton 180F    
PES (Standard) Polyester 300F
NMO Nylon Monofilament 250F  
G FEP** 400F

* Micron ratings available from 0.5 to 800 micron. Not all filter materials are available in all micron choices - Contact AL.

Strainer Media Selection

Vee-Wire® (SEBHVW Strainer)
Code Space Between Pressure Differential Micron Equivalent
A .005 100 127
C .010 85 254
E .020 70 508
G .030 55 762
Perforated Material
Code Description Micron Rating % of Open area
A (SES) .033 dia./24 ga. 838 20.0
D (SEB) .09375 dia./18 ga. --- 33.0
G (SEB) .250 dia./18 ga. --- 58.0

Vee-Wire® is a regisered trademark of US Filter

Mainstream units with filters, V-wire, or perforated metal strainers are authorized to carry the 3A symbol
Wire Mesh (For SES Strainer)
Screen Code Square Mesh Size Space between Wires (in.) Micron Rating % of Open area
P 20 0.034 864 46.2
F 60 0.009 229 30.3
K 100 0.006 140 30.3
S 200 0.003 73 33.6


Product wetted steel parts: AISI 316L Stainless Steel
Other steel parts AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Finish 32 µ-inch (0.8 mm) Ra on product contact surfaces
Product wetted seals Buna, EPDM, SFY (Fluorelastomer)
Other SEF cam lock - UHMW, Optional Aluminum Bronze Relief valve handle - UHMW, Optional Aluminum Bronze

Technical data

Nominal Temperature and Pressure Ratings:Buna N gaskets effective up to 200°F
At 70°F, Buna N’s maximum working pressure 200 psi
At 190°F, Buna N’s maximum working pressure 80 psi
Steam Resistant Fluorelastomer/Silicone gaskets are effective up to 300°F.
At 70°F, Fluorelastomer/Silicone’s maximum working pressure 200 psi.
At 350°F, Fluorelastomer/Silicone’s maximum working pressure 50 psi.

Maximum Pressure Differential

SES Strainer (perforated metal or wire mesh) 40 psi.
SEF Filters 15 psi.
SEB Single Coarse Strainer 100 psi.
SEBHVW Vee-Wire® Strainer See charts on page 3.



  • - Mainstream® floor stand
  • - Wall mounting bracket
  • - Aluminum Bronze (BR) Relief Valve Handle
  • - Aluminum Bronze (BR) Cam lock on SEF


Please state the following when ordering:

  • - Short unit or long unit
  • - Port connection size
  • - Elastomers
  • - Micron or mesh size of Filter or Strainer
  • - Options



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