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Toftejorg Sanitary Rotacheck

Increase Quality Assurance by Verifying Coverage
Toftejorg Sanitary Rotacheck


Toftejorg Sanitary Rotacheck represents an important tool for increasing quality assurance in tank cleaning, since it provides an electronic means of validating the 360° impact coverage of the Toftejorg rotary jet head. The system is appropriate wherever rotary jet heads are employed in cleaning tanks. The signal generated by the system can be audible, visual or integrated into the customer’s process control specification. Toftejorg Sanitary Rotacheck is particularly suited to industries where improved validation standards are required, e.g., the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

Working principle

The Toftejorg Sanitary Rotacheck sensor is precisely installed to detect the sweep and impact of fluid jets released as the rotary jet head performs its cleaning cycle. From the geared operation of the cleaning device, and by receiving the impact force from the jets, the sensor provides verification of satisfactory operation. Any back pressure in the tanks is accounted for.

Cleaning Pattern

First cycleFull pattern

The above shows the cleaning pattern achieved by a Toftejorg rotary jet head. Toftejorg Sanitary Rotacheck enables the user to automatically confirm that this operation has taken place on individual tank cleaning cycles.

Standard Design

Welding adaptor for sanitary installation. 2 and 10 m (6 and 32 ft) cable for relay connection.

Rotacheck Sensor, ATEX approved, Category 1/2 for installation in zone 0/1 and 20/21.

Relay, ATEX approved, Category 2 for installation in zone 1/21.


Sensor and diaphragm 1.4404 (316L).
Option: Hastelloy

Technical Data

Pressure:0.1 - 2 bar (1.5 - 29 psi)
Max. overload pressure:15 bar (217 psi)
Max. repetition frequency:For sensor function 2 Hz
Duration of electrical pulse:Min. 1.0 sec.
Mounting:By clamping into the welding adapter or clamped directly on the Toftejorg SaniJet 20
Relay connection, electric:2 m (6 ft) cable, Ø6 mm (0.24 inch), PVC, 2 x 0.75 mm2 shielded
Operating temperature:-20 to 85 °C (-4° to 185°F)
Temperature on diaphragm:Max. medium 140 °C (284°F)
Enclosure:IP 67
Electromagnetic Noise:Tested and approved according to EU EMC directive


2.1 - 3.1.B - ATEX

Universal Relay Unit Technical data

Supply Voltage:24 - 115 - 230 V AC 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption:Max. 4 VA
Enclosure:IP 54
Weight:550 g (1.21 lb)
MountingBy clipping onto a 35 mm standard rail to DIN/EN 50022 or by screw fixing
Operating temperature:-20° to 85°C (-4° to 185°F)
Max. external load, relay:250 V, 2A AC
PLC output:24 V DC, max. 50 mA
Open collector output:Max. 50 V DC, max. 50 mA

Certificate :ATEX

Conditions Relating to the EX-Approval

Application of Sanitary Rotacheck

Dimensions Installation of adaptorWelding adaptorRelay


Please specify type of cleaning head to be used and confirm application suitability.



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