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Unique 7000 Series - Reverse Acting

Simply Unique
Unique 7000 Series - Reverse Acting
Unique 7000 Series - Reverse Acting change-over valve and shut-off valve

General Information

The Unique 7000 Series is an innovative new generation of Tri-Clover® single seat valves that are designed to meet the highest process demands of hygiene and safety. They’re built on a well-proven, platform from an installed base of more than one million valves.


The reverse acting version of the Unique 7000 is a sanitary air-operated seat valve with a flexible design. It can be configured as a shut-off valve with two or four ports or as a change-over valve with three to six ports. It’s ideal applications include the dairy, beverage, brewery, food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and personal care industries.

Working principle

The valve is remote-controlled by means of compressed air. It has few and simple moveable parts which results in a very reliable valve with low maintenance cost.

Standard design

The Unique 7000 valve is designed to deliver years of reliability and performance you’ve come to expect with all Tri-Clover products. It’s flexible design consists of two to three bodies that are clamped together. The TR2 seat ring with enhanced CIP capabilities and hygiene comes standard with all Unique 7000 series valves. For added confidence, the valve can be supplied with a controlled compression elastomer seal ring. The actuator comes with a five year warranty. The Unique 7000 valve sizes range from 1" to 4".

Other valves in the same basic design

  • - Long stroke valve.
  • - Manually operated valve.

Unique 7000 Series - Reverse Acting Pressure Drop Diagrams

For the diagrams the following applies:Medium: Water (68° F/20° C)
Measurement: In accordance with VDI2173

Pressure data for Unique 7000 Series - Reverse Acting

Table 1 - Shut-off and change-over valves. Max. pressure in psi without leakage at the valve seat
Actuator/valve body combination and direction of pressure Air pressure[psi]
Valve size
1" 1½" 2" 2½" 3" 4"
Change-over valve
Table 2: Shut-off and change-over valves. Max. pressure in psi against which the valve can open.
Actuator/valve body combination and direction of pressure Air pressure[psi]
Valve size
1" 1½" 2" 2½" 3" 4"
Change-over valve
A= Air P= Product pressure
AC= Air closes SC= Spring closes
AO= Air opens SO= Spring opens
 Nominal size
1" 1½" 2" 2.½" 3" 4"
Weight (lb)
Change-over valve12.1312.7920.2820.9441.0154.01
Caution. opening/closing time:
Opening/closing time will be effected by the following:
  • - The air supply (air pressure).
  • - The length and dimensions of the air hoses.
  • - Number of valves connected to the same air hose.
  • - Use of single solenoid valve for serial connected air actuator functions.
  • - Product pressure.
Air Connections Compressed air:
R 1/8" (BSP). internal thread.
Shut-off valveChange-over valve 
PTFE plug seal (TR2)Replaceable elastomer plug seal

Technical data

Max. product pressure:145 psi (1000 kPa (10 bar) ).
Min. product pressure:Full vacuum.
Temperature range:-14°F to +284°F (EPDM).
Air pressure:72.5 to 101.5 psi (500 to 700 kPa (5 - 7 bar)).

Valve body combinations

Actuator function

  • - Pneumatic downward movement, spring return.
  • - Pneumatic upward movement, spring return.
  • - Pneumatic upward and downward movement (A/A).
Air Consumption (in free air) for one stroke3
Size 1"-1½" 2"-2½" 3"-4"


Product wetted steel parts:AISI 316L (internal Ra < 32 µ inch)
Other steel parts:AISI 304
Plug seal:PTFE (TR2) (standard)
Optional elastomer plug seal:EPDM, HNBR or FPM
Other product wetted seals:EPDM (standard)
Optional product wetted seals:HNBR or FPM
Other seals:NBR


  • - Weld ends or connection types other than Tri-Clamp.
  • - Control and Indication: IndiTop, ThinkTop, ThinkTop Basic and GreenTop.
  • - Product wetted seals in HNBR or FPM.
  • - Replaceable elastomer plug seals.
  • - High pressure actuator.
  • - Maintainable actuator.
  • - External surface finish blasted.


Please state the following when ordering:

  • - Size.
  • - Connections
  • - Valve body combination.
  • - Actuator Function: NC, NO or A/A.
  • - Options.


For further details, see instruction ESE00213.



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